Frequently Asked Questions



What is Autocross?

It is the largest form of Motorsport in the United States. For a more in-depth answer, check out our article What is Autocross?

What is Solo®?

Solo® is the Sports Car Club of America’s (SCCA®) trademarked name for autocross competition within the SCCA®.

Do I have to be a member of the SCCA® to participate?

While you do need to be a member of the SCCA® to participate (i.e., drive, ride-along, or volunteer), the SCCA® offers “Weekend Memberships” to help non-members get their feet wet with a minimal cash outlay. For Central Florida Region (CFR) SCCA® Solo®, a weekend membership is available to non-member drivers for $10 and is good for the whole weekend. If all you do is ride as a passenger, Weekend Memberships, while still required, are no-cost for CFR SCCA®.

How do I become a member of CFR SCCA®?
Who can participate?

Anybody with a currently valid Driver’s License, or Drivers permit can participate. Additionally, CFR SCCA® allows Kart drivers aged 8 to 18 as a part of the SCCA® Junior Driver Program (JDP). Our region is not currently approved for the SCCA® JDP JC class for drivers aged 5 to 8, which some SCCA® regions allow.

Do you allow novices?

We encourage novices! For those who have never autocrossed before, we provide two classes specifically for novices: Novice Street (NS) for cars with 200 treadwear or greater street tires and Novice Race (NR) for cars with race tires (less than 200 treadwear or treadwear not specified on tire sidewall).

Do you allow Minors to participate?

To participate, a minor must have a Parental Consent, Release and Waiver of Liability on file with CFR SCCA.  This waiver must be printed in color, signed by both parents in the presence of a notary, and notarized. The waiver can be found here. Alternatively, if both parents will be at the event, an SCCA official can provide the paperwork and witness the signatures.

For parents/guardians with Sole Custody, an Affidavit of Sole Custody must also be completed.

What if I just want to watch?

You are welcome to watch any of our events. There may be restrictions regarding the entry location, and/or entry times. Also, you will be required to sign the Adult Event Waiver for the event.

There are very specific requirements for the Brooksville Site; you must be on the CFR SCCA Brooksville Gate List by Midnight Thursday of the week prior to the specific event you would like to attend. See the Brooksville Gate List Tool for more information and to get your name on the list.

Can I ride along?

Subject to some restrictions, you are welcome to ride along with any of our experienced drivers. Those restrictions are:

  • Riders must be 12 years of age or older OR
  • they must be 57″ tall or taller
  • All riders must have signed the waiver or have an annual (adult or minor) waiver on file with CFR SCCA
  • Also, they must be a member (can be a weekend member, which is free for riders)
  • Riders must wear a certified helmet
  • The car you are riding in must be equipped properly for a passenger
  • Finally, the driver of your car can not be a Novice driver

Note that under certain circumstances and at the approval of the Event Chair, some individuals may be allowed to ride with a Novice driver. Those circumstances may include driver/passengers with significant relationship status such as parent/child or husband/wife.

I’ve never done this before. What do I need to do to prepare myself for this?

If you have a Driver’s License or Drivers permit, and a safe/eligible car, you are ready to go!

How do I register for events?

Pre-Registration is required for all CFR SCCA® Solo® events. Pre-Registration is through To find our events at, under “Find Event”, search for “CFR SCCA SOLO”, or use the following link: CFR SCCA® Solo® Events on

Can I compete in my car?

Almost all cars are eligible to compete in SCCA® Solo® events. The few exceptions are excluded based on rollover potential and general instability.

As of January 28, 2019, the list of cars specifically “Excluded from Street Category for Reasons of Stability” include Dodge Caliber (non-SRT), Fiat 500 (non-Abarth) (2012-2019), Ford Fiesta (non-ST) (2011-19), Geo Tracker, Jeep CJ Series, Mini Countryman, Nissan Juke, Scion iQ, Scion XB (2004-2006), Subaru Forester, Suzuki Samarai, and Suzuki Sidekick. This list is NOT all inclusive.

For cars or trucks not specifically excluded, if the overall height of the vehicle is greater than the average of the front and rear track widths, then the vehicle will not be considered eligible for competition. Note that modifications to an otherwise non-eligible for competition vehicle may be made to bring the car into eligibility. Typically, those modifications will alter the appropriate class that the vehicle is eligible to compete.

Are trucks allowed to compete in Solo®?

Yes, but all competing vehicles must not exceed the rollover potential guidelines as defined by SCCA® Solo® Safety Committee. For vehicles not specifically excluded (see What cars are allowed in Solo® for this list), if the overall height of the vehicle is greater than the average of the front and rear track widths, then the vehicle will not be considered eligible for competition.

Note that modifications to an otherwise non-eligible for competition vehicle may be made to bring the car into eligibility. Typically, those modifications will alter the appropriate class that the vehicle is eligible to compete in.

What class is my car in?

Novices should register as either Novice Street (NS) or Novice Race (NR) depending on whether they have street tires (200 treadwear or greater marked) or not.

Other than that, the classing structure can be a little bit tricky. For the basics, see the Category Allowances Cheat Sheet to determine the class category and the Street Category by Manufacturer for your car specifics.

These are just basic tools and guidelines. The 2019 SCCA® Solo® National Rules (draft) holds the official and binding class rules.

What do I need to do to my car, so I can begin competing?

In most cases, very little. Assuming your car is eligible from a stability standpoint, your car must pass a minimal technical inspection for safety at the event.

What does the technical inspection for safety require?

The inspectors will check several items to make sure that your car is in generally safe condition. The major items they will be looking for include

  • no loose items in the car,
  • driver’s side floor mat is either removed or securely fastened,
  • all lug nuts are present and functional,
  • brake pedal functions properly,
  • tires are in adequate condition,
  • seat belts are in good shape,
  • throttle return action is normal,
  • no fluid leaks are present,
  • battery is securely held in place,
  • helmet, if you have one, is up-to-date and compliant to one of the required standards.
I’m a novice, but I think I should wait till I’ve added “XYZ” performance part to my car. What should I do?

As a novice to this sport, 99% of your performance gains will be gained by improving the driver. You should start competing and improving your driving skills first. As you grow in your ability, you can talk to experienced drivers and learn which mods are really worth making.

More importantly… Don’t wait to have fun!

What if I don’t have a helmet?

Most autocrossing organizations have loaner helmets available in various sizes.

Is my helmet allowed for autocrossing?

Helmets can be open or closed faced, but for safety reasons must meet certain safety certifications.

I have a DOT/SNELL rated Helmet. It’s allowed right?

Not necessarily. DOT rating alone is not enough. Only the SNELL standards listed in the previous FAQ answer are allowed.

Is there an official rulebook?

You can find the official rules here:  2019 SCCA® National Solo® Rules (Draft)

Are trophies awarded at the events?

For all designated “Points Events”, trophies are awarded to the top performers in each class, with the exception of the “Practice Class”.  To receive a trophy (or equivalent credit), you must be present at the official awards ceremony at the close of the event.

One trophy is awarded to each 2.5 participants in a given class, and no more than three trophies are awarded in a given class. E.g., 1st place is awarded for 1 to 4 entrants, 1st and 2nd place is awarded for 5 to 7 entrants, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place is awarded for 8 entrants and over.

Single car classes will be combined with other classes using a specified “Bump Order” in order to make multi-car classes for trophies.

Event credits can be taken in lieue of a trophy which can be used on for future events. Event credits given are as follows:

  • 1st place – $9
  • 2nd place – $6
  • 3rd place – $3
Is there a Year-End Championship Series?

Yes. There is a year-end Champoinship.

Points are awarded per event attended and accumulate towards the total amount earned for the season. Each season, participation in the same class for a minimum number of events is required to qualify for a year end trophy. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, place trophies are given for each class.

What classes are eligible for year-end trophies?

All SCCA® legal classes are eligible for yearend trophies. We also give trophies for our local Street Touring Other (STO) class, the Expert (X) class, and for the PAX Championship.

How are points awarded?

1st place = 9 points

2nd place = 6 points

3rd place = 4 points

4th place = 3 points

5th place = 2 points

6th place and lower = 1 point

What is PAX?

PAX is a handicap system based on the relative performance of the various SCCA® Solo® classes that gives a level assessment of all drivers competing in any given Solo event. The PAX handicap is re-evaluated each year based on performance statistics gathered from thousands of SCCA® Solo® events.

What is the Central Florida Region (CFR) of SCCA®?

Central Florida Region (CFR) is Region 83 of the SCCA® and comprises most of Florida. See Map of CFR SCCA®.

As a member of CFR SCCA®, what can I do in addition to Autocross?
Central Florida Region (CFR) SCCA is one of the Jumbo Regions in the SCCA. We average over 2,200 members who participate in our events as drivers, crew, officials, workers, or spectators.We hold several motorsports events each year including Autocross, Rallycross, Track Events, Time Trials, Road Rallys, and Club Racing.For those who want to get up close and personal with the Road Racing giants, we  provide staff for three international road racing events each year. These positions include pit-lane stewards, grid marshalls, flagging & communications, timing and scoring, and emergency personnel.
 We also hold several social events in conjunction with the above Motorsports events, as well as independent of the above events.
Are you guys on Facebook?

Yes! You can keep up with the community of CFR Autocross drivers on our Facebook Page at: CFRSolo2

For any specific questions not addressed here, send your question to and we will get an answer to you as soon as possible.