What is Autocross?

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Autocross, known within Sports Car Club of America (SCCA®) as Solo®, is the largest form of Motorport in the United States. It is also the motorsport that gives the highest adrenaline flow per second of competition. It is the perfect place to take your car and yourself to their performance limits in a relatively safe and affordable environment.

Imagine a scaled down version of a road race course, laid out on an unused airstrip or large parking lot where the course is defined by traffic cones and with each car competing to achieve the fastest time through the course without hitting any cones. The entry fees and equipment requirements/costs are considerably less than those necessary to enter any other form of motorsport. So to compete, one only needs a safe vehicle (most cars are elligible) and the entry fee. Most SCCA® Region Solo® programs have helmets to loan and will assist new competitors in how to get started. It’s a great way to learn how to really drive your car at the limit, have load of fun, and meet a new family of like-minded friends.

Autocross emphasizes driver skill and car handling characteristics more than outright speed, which usually does not exceed normal highway speeds. But the driver activity level (discrete control inputs per minute) exceeds any motorsport, including Formula One. The sport teaches car control skills in a relatively safe environment, and can serve as a stepping stone to other forms of Motorsport.

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Autocross is far and away the most cost effective way to get involved in performance driving.  If you can legally drive a car on the streets, you have all the skills you need to get started. And almost all cars (and many trucks) are eligible to compete without any modifications whatsoever. Most SCCA® Solo® programs have novice classes that are designed to help those new to the sport get their start. After that, SCCA® Solo® classes are designed such that any car legal for competition can compete against cars with a similar level of performance capability. In autocross, depending on the conditions, you will be given a certain number of runs – usually at least three – to achieve your best on-course time. Your time for each run is determined by your measure time from star-to-finish, with two seconds added for each cone hit. The competition winners are determined by your best resultant time.


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